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Under the broad umbrella of a title-Time, Trade and Travel, the history of Ghana's encounter with the Netherlands is being examined by 4 Ghanaian and 5 Dutch artists. In particular, this exhibition is part of collaboration between the Nubuke Foundation and SMBA, Amsterdam and is part of a larger 2 year programme conceptualised by SMBA called project 1975 which is an exploration of the relationship between contemporary art and post-colonialism.

Even though Ghanaians would not directly associate the Netherlands with our colonial past, a large part of our way of life has been affected and still continues to be indirectly influenced by the actions of the Netherlands as a colonial power in other countries. Several norms, cultural practices and identity are intricately intertwined with items of trade brought in by the trading companies in the 17th and 18th centuries. The traditional drinks- Henkes gin which is used for ceremonies and African wax print conceived, designed and printed in Holland.

The artists have examined the concept of the exhibition from diverse angles- the legacy of institutions which now sit uncomfortably with each other, the question of identity which oversteps fiercely guarded national borders with several challenges thrown to the viewer to ponder on what is deemed to be the 'status quo'.

Nubuke Foundation is especially keen that young artists and students learn about curatorial practice and research based approach to working as was employed by the 9 artists- Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Dorothy Akpene Amenuke, Serge Clottey, Zachary Formwalt, Iris Kensmil, Aukje Koks, Navid Nuur, Jeremiah Quarshie, Katarina Zdjelar.

In this regard, the exhibition opened with an Art Talk forum providing the platform for an exchange of ideas with the artists and curators.

The programme was sponsored by Arts Collaboratory, Netherlands.

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