Voyage of Re-Discovery

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Visual artists, poets and writers from Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and USA come together in the exploration of histories hidden yet glaring constant reminders of the layered past.

In this exhibition Nubuke Foundation collaborates with artist, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh as curator and the heritage conservation team from the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board.

Voyage of [Re]Discovery - commemorating Ghana's 58th Independence Day celebration - aligns with Nkrumah's ethos and interrogates, beyond Ghana's perspective, what it means to be a post-colonial subject whose understanding of history as well as perception of identity is mediated through a consistent barrage of [mis]representations in literature and the media. It posits identity as a state in crisis, and history as contestable narratives which ought to be wrested from Eurocentric epistemologies and articulated through the voice of the hitherto colonized subject.

This exhibition is a search for meaning. It interrogates how history shapes our contemporary world. Departing from the point that ethnicities have integrated to form nations whose collective history erupted out of a brutally violent struggle to preserve their intrinsic rights, the exhibition gives agency to the colonized subject who inflects, pieces together and re-members the emotional events that shape their national history. Beginning one's cultural/national history from this violent moment can no doubt be traumatizing. This trauma, sustained in the subject's consciousness, permeates the collective psyche with unpredictable outworkings.

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