KNUST - End of Year Show

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Exhibition Overview

Nubuke Foundation is hosting an exhibition of the works of the final year art students for the first time at our gallery. This is the beginning of a long overdue annual event to showcase the important contributions being made by the students and teachers from the art college at KNUST within the visual art scene in Ghana.

The works being shown at the exhibition were selected from their final year presentations. Unfortunately majority of students' works could not be shown here, but Nubuke Foundation hopes that by supporting the students to 'step out' of their comfort zone, this exhibition will encourage the students to continue practicing and not shelve their talent for other pastures.

Their talents which have been nurtured in the college in the last 4 years have come into bloom and we urge the general public to come and support them.

Consumerism, human rights, exploitation, habitats, trade, the cosmic world and a whole array of subjects have been explored by the students. Expect to be captivated by their bold Installations, photography, performance, paintings and mixed media.

Exhibition Gallery


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