Zacahary Formwalt

Zacahary Formwalt


Zachary Formwalt is an artist and a filmmaker who is currently in Amsterdam. His films and photographs enquire into the nature and origin of still and moving images and their relationship to economic and social history. He attempts to capture the immaterial traces of capital and its multitudinous appearances in the material culture of modernity through a focus on specific buildings and documents, objects and iconographic motifs—in short, the presence of capital is recognized in traces that constitute the material culture of modernity.

He has participated in group and solo exhibitions. He has also contributed to various film festivals and group shows. In 2012, Formwalt won the Illy Prize in Rotterdam.

The artistic research of Zachary Formwalt is based in the philosophical analysis of material, as well as economic events of historical consequence from the modern era continuing until today, which are investigated via a polymorphic and polyphonic line of research which in turn yields manifold and indefinite modes of interpretation. The artist focuses on the relationship between the development of modernity and the complex mechanisms of the capitalist economy.

He uses visual materials from various sources and corresponding to the mass media, to cinema and to art history, in order to provide a critical reading of the basic subject matter of financial cash flow and its cultural repercussions.




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