Navid Nuur

Navid Nuur


Navid is an Iran-born Dutch artist. Most of the pieces he creates begin with an object or an idea that irritates him. His practice fixates on this kind of discomfort as part of a larger attempt to make works that transform common objects. He re-contextualizes the everyday, giving his viewers a shifted experience of familiar objects and phenomena.

He uses multiple media such as from film and performance to sculpture, drawing, text and installation to convey messages to his audience. His still eludes simple classifications. Nuur describes his work as "interimodules" indicating their flexible identification and ability to function in different ways depending on the relation to other pieces. These "interimodules" often have the feel of found object assemblages, resulting from his tendency to repurpose all types of materials: neon lights, iPhones, and piles of trash have all been employed in his work. He explores the properties and potentials of both materials and words and our ability to perceive the reality in his work.

He has exhibited both locally and internationally. He also has public and private collections at important and notable places. he has recently presented solo shows at Plan B, Cluj (2010), De Hallen, Haarlem (2010) and Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel (2009), S.M.A.K., Gent (2009), Klerkx, Milan (2009), Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (2009) and Galleria Plan B, Berlin (2009). His work has also been shown as part of “History of Art” at David Roberts Art Foundation, London (2010), “Starter” at Arter, Istanbul (2010), “Up to You” at Stroom, The Hague (2010), “Any Kind of Cruelty” at Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam (2009), “Open Sky” at Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz (2008), “INSIDEOUT” at Moira project space, Utrecht (2007) and “Voorstel voor” at DCR Project Space, The Hague (2007)



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