Moses Serubiri

Moses Serubiri


Moses is an independent art writer, photographer and curator. His interests lie in colonialism, language and politics of urban space. He writes essays and academic papers on contemporary art and culture which to be published. Among his research are, 'Life mu City' (2014), a research project on urban language in Kampala, the biennial contemporary art festival, KLA ART 014 (2014) looking at sociological studies on urban mapping and social classification in Uganda's cities; as a research intern for C& (Contemporary And) magazine in 2014, he produced biographical notes on contemporary artists, collectors, institutions, and curators from Africa and its diaspora. Moses was selected to participate in Minga Exploring Utopia, a project by Arts Collaboratory focusing on interpretations of utopia in the Global South.


He exhibited his video at Nubuke Foundation between 5th March and 26th April, 2015. The exhibition was in commemoration of Ghana’s 58th Independence Day celebration and it was in search for a meaning through contemporary interrogation of history. His video, “Je Prends la Parole” or “I Rise” implied assertiveness as opposed to reticence. The video explored a world of possibilities.  The moving image in the video explores psychology of transition, as a story of independence.

Currently, he is researching the religious drawings of British painter and educator Cecil Todd of the Uganda Martyrs, for the 2015 NYU conference, Black Portraiture(s), in Florence, Italy.



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