Yaganoma Baatuolkuu

Yaganoma Baatuolkuu


Yaganoma Baatuolkuu was born in 1981 and lives and work in Baatsona. She has a BFA Sculpture degree and a Master of Literature in Managing Creative Industries. She is currently exploring human action and inaction and using words and the imagery that these words convey using poetry and the ideologies and philosophies of various freedom fighters such as Nkrumah and Dubois.

Selected Exhibitions:

2015 Go Go Ghana! Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection

2014 Dubois in our Time, Accra

2009 cities @ 50 Flag, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Italy

2008 Cities @ 50 Flag, Spoleto, Italy

2008 Yowli Mural, Mariama Ba School, Goree Island, Senegal

2005 Graduate Exhibition, KNUST



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