Na Chainkua Reindorf

Na Chainkua Reindorf


Na Chainkua Reindorf is primarily interested in the materiality of textiles and fibers and the forms with which they can be used to create narratives. Her work is created through an African and feminist lens and, in its multiple manifestations, constantly addresses the female body and its particular contextual relationship with textiles and fibers.

Her passions include art, architecture and photography. Inspired by the tension between staged action and reality, Na Chainkua Reindorf approaches both concepts using textiles and the female body as her point of reference. Her recent work on of six depictions of the 8 Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) captivates the idea of the centrality of messages sent through the fabrics people wear in Ghana. In her own words, it is an expression of her fascination with how a human body can become a vessel for the projection of identities, experiences, and messages - and how fluid the transition can be between these protrusion. These textiles based non-verbal way of communication is Reindorf's major artistic influence. Her recent works in "Don't Tell Me I'm Pretty", challenges viewers to look past first impressions of elegant women in beautiful dresses, or of cute, bouncy playthings, and instead encourages us to look past reactions to aesthetic and to explore what each component may mean



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