Basil Kincaid

Basil Kincaid


He draws, paints, collages and takes photographs to process ideas that lead to the development of my larger bodies of work. He addresses concepts of identity, place, race and environmentalism. He also focuses on issues facing the poor and people of colour. The goal of his work is to open dialogue which in turn aids community development. Basil works with a variety of media depending on the issues that he chooses to address. Basil Kincaid is inspired by the lost, the forgotten and the beauty in decay.

He gathers discarded pieces of wood, old bricks, pieces of slate and other items deemed no longer useful. He also makes his own paints from natural material like, brick, slate, limestone and various dried flowers. Basil transforms junked wood into canvases. He applies images composed from photographs he takes around the city. He blends dust from finely ground bricks, slate and Missouri limestone into polyurethane that he paints onto the wood.

His work was exhibited at Nubuke Foundation between 5th March and 26th April, 2015 to mark Ghana's 58th independence anniversary. His work was dubbed Coloring the Colored: Media Manipulations of Blackness. He examined role the media plays in the way we conceptualize ourselves. He appropriated images from cartoons and movies, juxtaposing imagery from the past with contemporary imagery to examine the ways in which imagery used in the past to coach racist sentiments is rebooted to perpetuate the process of learned inferiority by blacks and to reinforce concepts of white supremacy within whites. The work focused on imagery from media within the United States. Several of these works were pulled from scenes in the movie Farewell Uncle Tom, touted as one of the most brutally realistic depictions of what chattel slavery in the United States would have looked like. One of his works, Come this Way, shows a young girl pulling her slave along by the neck playfully. During chattel slavery children that were too young to work were given to white children as play things. This served a multifaceted purpose, most notably it teaches the white children that they are superior to the blacks and it teaches the blacks that from birth until the day they die they will be inferior to whites. The lives of many Black people have been taken as a result of a multifaceted system of racism that operates on a global level and is reinforced by the media.

Basil was selected to receive the ACI Artist-in-Residency for 2014-2015, which will support the vision and execution for his proposal, Reclamation Ghana. This project is an extension of the work he started in St. Louis.



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