Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh

Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh


The work he creates are influenced by poetry, music, dance, theatre, sculpture, and painting. His installations allow the investigation into concepts such as space, perception, subject-object relationship, the maker and the made.He nurtures a sense of nostalgia of his environment. His works are designed to invite or provoke the viewer to move and [sometimes] feel. He thinks of his works as the way to track the unending developments around him. He keeps track of his changing environment

His works were exhibited during the Dubois in Our Time exhibition in March 5, 2014 to mark Ghana’s independence. The video depicted a pensive character pacing back and forth, pondering what seems to be an ominous decision they must make. The subject is all aware of the political implications their final decision would arouse and yet slams their passport as a final gesture which inevitably alters their citizenship status. He worked with Ato Annan under the caption Exit Frame. Exit Frame explored the subjects of identity, geography, migration and [dis] location of W.E.B Du Bois. The work investigated Du Bois from a personal and relational angle.


Also, he curated the Voyage of [Re] Discovery at Nubuke Foundation at Ussher Fort between 5th March and 26th April to mark Ghana’s 58th independence celebration. Ohene-Ayeh curated the Voyage of exhibition at the Ussher Fort Prison and Nubuke Foundation gallery in March 2015.His work has featured in exhibitions at other places such as the Chale Wote Street Art Festival. He has had residencies with CCA–Lagos (Àsìkò International Art School) in Dakar and Lugar a dudas in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. He co-curated Silence between the Lines: Anagrams of Emancipated Futures at KNUST.


He is a member of Exit Frame. He is currently working on Prison Anxieties – a research project that investigates Ghana’s colonial history through collaborative and curatorial projects He is also currently pursuing his MFA at KNUST.



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