Ato Annan

Ato Annan


Ato works across media and he is not restricted to any form of style for his work. He uses video, sound, performance and painting among others. The idea he intends  to depict dictates his choice of medium. He sees himself as an exhibition maker rather than being a curator.

His work consists of multilayered paper collages of advertisement posters torn from the streets of Accra and narratives he comes across in public transports, kiosk and food and drink stalls among others. He refers to this phenomenon as ‘Urban Proverbs.’  His work is a portrait of his urban space at its schizophrenic ephemeron.

His works were exhibited during the Du Bois in Our Time exhibition in March 5, 2014 to mark Ghana’s independence. He worked with Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh under the caption Exit Frame. Exit Frame explored the subjects of identity, geography, migration and [dis] location of W.E.B Du Bois. The work investigated Du Bois from a personal and relational angle.

The video depicted a pensive character pacing back and forth, pondering what seems to be an ominous decision they must make. The subject is all aware of the political implications their final decision would arouse and yet slams their passport as a final gesture which inevitably alters their citizenship status.


Ato is currently working on some sound scapes from hawkers, commercial bus conductors among others. He works at the Foundation for Contemporary Art in Accra. Ato is a member of FCA, GAVA and the Exit Frame Collective.



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