Serge Attukwei Clottey

Serge Attukwei Clottey


His themes are centred on issues of the environment, politics and cultural concerns within Ghana. He uses mixed-media sculptures and paintings. Serge is a professional artist and illustrator. His work combines activism and art, addressing society's cultural, political. He does this by combining science with the arts and economic inadequacies in the world. He encourages people to be what they want through his art. He has also established himself in the art world, drawing on both Ghanaian and Brazilian culture after a sojourn there.

He was one of the youngest artists to exhibit at Nubuke Foundation in the exhibition- Time, Trade & Travel on 24th November, 2012. This specifically focused on the relation between Ghana and The Netherlands, in view of the long, and in part well-documented, historical links between the two countries.

Serge has exhibited in Ghana, the United Kingdom, Brazil and USA. Through his foundation "The Attukwei Art Foundation", Serge is giving back to his community through programs, lectures on painting, drawing, sculpture & modelling schools, & raising awareness about global & environmental issues. He established the Attukwei Art Foundation (AAF) to use artistic methods of teaching to educate children in Ghana about the world.



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