Robert Nkrumah

Robert Nkrumah


Robert Obeng Nkrumah is a Ghanaian artist who lives and works in Kumasi (born June 29, 1986). He holds a BA (Ceramics) degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi. His works have featured in exhibitions in Kumasi and Accra. In 2014 he exhibited at the Ehalakasa Festival (2014) at Nubuke Foundation, Accra. He won the best innovative renewable design award at TRATEK 2014 exhibition, KNUST, Kumasi

He exhibited his ceramic works at Nubuke Foundation between 5th March and 26th April, 2015. The exhibition was in commemoration of Ghana’s 58th Independence Day celebration and it was in search for a meaning through contemporary interrogation of history. His work, made from ceramics with inscriptions and images on the surface, highlighted the history of Ghana from when the Europeans arrived through to the slave trade. His work also stressed on our own form of education, that is, the use of the Adinkra symbols in Ghana prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Robert has been a participant at the Christmas exhibitions organized by the Industrial Art Department, KNUST since its inception

He has been working as an interior and exterior designer at Studio Illumine since 2014.

Robert has also participated in two exhibitions organized by the Nubuke Foundation. They are the light installation art piece which featured at the Ehalakasa exhibition, and the modular monument which also featured at the Voyage to [Re] Discovery exhibition.With a strong passion for art, Robert established Studio Illumine Ltd., a design and art studio to offer professional design and art services to prospective clients who also have penchant for art.



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