Adjo Kisser

Adjo Kisser


Adjo's work has focused on contesting and subverting prescribed gender roles in her specific environment. She looks at how history tends to construct the present and how our present determines the future. Using the elements of visual wit and punning, she disrupts such structures or systems in not only the way the works are experienced but also within the form and content of the work.
She has participated in exhibitions in Ghana including the Voyage of (Re)Discovery at Nubuke Foundation at the Ussher Fort at James Town in Accra where her work titled "The Portrait Series" has been exhibited. The exhibition was between 5th March and 26th April, 2015 to mark Ghana's independence.
She received the Overall Best Student award in the Faculty of Art in the 2011/2012 academic year and was the recipient of the 2012/2013 Association of Painting Students' Overall Best Student award.



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