Isaac Opoku

Isaac Opoku


Isaac Opoku is an interactive designer and a mixed media artist who was born & raised in Tema, Ghana. He graduated from Swarthmore College in 2014, where I studied Economics & Statistics. A graduate in statistics , Opoku was expected to follow  a  conventional career path. However, he defied this conventional path to shift from mathematics to art in a very interesting way.

Isaac Opoku is an interactive designer and mixed media artist whose work is primarily inspired by a deep sense of interconnections with all life. His style is often cloaked with psychedelic and abstract twists, which are employed to engender a sense of wonder in a viewer’s mind in order that s/he comes to question her or his own reality and subsequently challenge conventional perspectives.This is done by subjecting light beams in dark vacuums, the movement of which creates interesting patterns. Opoku paints these patterns colorfully in semblance to changes and ups and downs of life.



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