Wiz Kudowor

Wiz Kudowor


Wiz's works are centred on the modern African environment and identity. The African symbols serve as reference points across which Wiz visualizes a whole world of images. He also explores elements of his cultural background through the use of visual language inspired by African symbolic imagery and mythology dating back to ancient Egypt.

Kudowor's style is unique and instantly recognisable. He paints abstracted figures, faces scenes and shapes with a roller brush and pallet knife to create bold paintings reminiscent of traditional Ghanaian themes. Themes are not a primary emotion when he is working as they come later to him. His work depicts everything around him. His family is a strong influence when he is working. Currently some of his themes are "around the cosmology and mythology of African spirituality."

He exhibited his works at Nubuke Foundation between March 23 and April 30, 2010 under the title Wiz "Recent Works" During the exhibition, his recent works over the last four years were showed. These works had not been exhibited anywhere yet and were on large canvases. He also exhibited at Nubuke with Kofi Nduro, Nii T. Mills and Seth Clottey during "Rebirth" between 20th July and 30th August 2013.

Wiz is a member of Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra, Ghana. His works are presented in a number of international collections including the Ministry of Culture, Peoples Republic of China, African-American National Museum, Texas, USA and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Accra Ghana. His works are also found at the Nubuke Foundation in Ghana. He has won many prizes including the Osaka Triennale Bronze Prize and the Ghana Airways Silver Jubilee Art Contest. He specialized in Painting. His studio is located at Dzorwulu in Accra.



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