Ato Arinze

Ato Arinze


Ato Arinze is a sculptor and a potter with special interest in portraits sculptures, and statues. Apart from art, he finds happiness helping young ones grow mentally, physically and in other areas of life.

His works are composed of vital elements of the old as well as the modern ceramics. He has a way of touching his under fired wares with wax to substitute for glazing. What happens is that the ware retains raw brown qualities of indigenous earthenware. His wares bear touches of subdued colours due to the green pigments he combines with the wax.

He has participated in many group exhibitions within and outside the country, with many sculpture commissions to his credit, such as the Bust of the first president of Nigeria Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe which he executed in the year 2000, a collaborative project with Chike Oyeka at his studio in Onitsha. He was a recipient of the Solidra Award for Sculpture and Pottery in 2002 and in 2008 was awarded the Society Nigerian Artists (Lagos State Chapter) Distinguished Artist Award.

He is affiliated to the Society of Nigerian Artists, ARTZERO, Onitsha Circle of Artists, Aspiring Artists International and Visual Art Society of Nigeria among others.



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