Fiatsi Va-Bene

Fiatsi Va-Bene



"[sHe/it]" is my bio-political pronoun… 

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) is a multidisciplinary artist living and practicing in Ghana. [sHe/it] got a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (BFA-Painting) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) 2014, Kumasi, Ghana where [sHe/it]is currently completing[sHe/it]’sMFA.

crazinisT’s thought provoking performances explore cultural frictions with human right, gender/sexual prejudices, sexism, religious extremism, human sense of vulnerabilities, our mortality, political injustice and objectification of marginalized citizen within our so-called civilized societies.

[sHe/it]’spractice has been extended into studio performance photography, nomadic performance, experimental videos, filming and installations that explores the ‘rituals of identity’, vulnerability of [queer people],and tension between ‘exhibitionist and voyeurs’

crazinisT has featured in many selected exhibitions: KNUST End of Year Exhibition, (Nubuke Foundation, Ghana, 2014); Silence between the Lines, (Ghana, 2015); the Gown must go to Town (Science and Technology Museum, Ghana, 2015); the Return of the Slaves, (Elmina Castle, Ghana, 2015); Protest Exhibition, ( Hazard Gallery, Johannesburg, SA, 2015); TERRITOIRE DE CRÉATION 5ieme édition, (Togo, 2015); Chale Wote Art Festival (African Electronics, Ghana, 2015); if you love… (Ghana, 2016); Cornfields in Accra (Ghana, 2016), Action Arts Lab, (York, UK, 2016); 19 Bone Performance Art Festival, (Bern, Switzerland, 2016); Rituals of Becoming, (Gallery 1957, Ghana) and Orderly Disorderly (Ghana, 2017), Wata Mata, (Chalewote 2017), Lost & Found, 2018, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and series of performances in the Beyond Rituals project, Munich Germany.



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