Dorothy Amenuke

Dorothy Amenuke


Her work comprises installations, mixed media, soft sculptures (sculptures that are soft to touch and are stitched and staffed.) She works as a fibre and fabric artist and resource person for art clubs in schools and is also involved with Sansa International Artists’ Association.

She speaks to issues and as such, does not have a particular style. She normally “re-uses” used bottles, rice bags and the brown tubes inside tissue papers that have been used by her family over a period to create an installation. Her techniques are stitching and other joining techniques such as gluing.

Her sculpture uses various soft materials to explore themes of devotion, bravery and gender. She produces her batik for the marketplace as well as sculpture and installation art for exhibition. Her extraordinary sense of colour and design make her batik some of the most beautiful found in Ghana.

She showed her work at Nubuke Foundation in an exhibition- Time, Trade & Travel on 24th November, 2012. The exhibition was the result of an active exchange of knowledge between artists and curators from SMBA, Amsterdam and Nubuke Foundation, Accra. Time, Trade & Travel was a collective venture exploring the histories shared by Ghana and the Netherlands, over various centuries. The title of the exhibition refers to the complicated aspects of international trade and traffic with their capitalist forces and influence on life and art. The artists included Bernard Akoi-Jackson, Dorothy Amenuke, Serge Attukwei Clottey and Jeremiah Quarshie, Zachary Formwalt, Iris Kensmil, Aukje Koks, Navid Nuur, kari-kacha seid’ou and Katarina Zdjelar.

Some of her principal exhibitions were at the Alliance Francaise, Kumasi and Accra, KNUST, Goethe Institut, The Go Down Art Centre in Nairobi. She partook in the recently ended ‘Silence between the Lines.’She has participated in international art workshops and residencies.

She is currently working on a series of dolls made from hand-made paper for installation. She is a lecturer at the Department of Painting and Sculpture, KNUST. 



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